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Water Profile Modifications

Water Profile Modifications



Water Profile Modifications

If you have been brewing for a while, you noticed that many recipes and brewers play around with brewing salts.  Every style of beer has its water profile and ph.  All of these are important when recreating a clone recipe or a particular style of beer.  This workshop will show you how to adjust your brewing water and ph.


  • Understanding the importance of water in brewing beer.
  • Know the components of water that impact beer.
  • Understand the impact of water components on beer.
  • Understand the concepts of water chemistry as it impacts beer.
  • Understand how to modify the properties of water to suit your brewing needs.


  • Water vs beer
  • Water vs mash’s pH
  • Water vs beer’s sensory properties
  • Brewing salts
  • How to modify your brewing water

Workshop Calendar

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