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White Labs WLN2500 SeltzerMax Yeast Nutrient

White Labs WLN2500 SeltzerMax Yeast Nutrient



White Labs WLN2500 SeltzerMax Yeast Nutrient

This blend of nutrients has been specifically designed to create a clean, dry, and clear hard seltzer. SeltzerMax has been optimized to provide essential nitrogen, vitamins, and minerals for yeast health resulting in a fast and complete hard seltzer fermentation. This product does contain diammonium phosphate (DAP) and has been formulated to be balanced with organic sources of nitrogen.

Now that you have found the perfect yeast nutrient, which yeast will be best for fermenting your seltzer? We recommend using liquid yeast, like WLP001 California Ale Yeast, in combination with a SeltzerMax yeast nutrient to maximize the flavours and aromas.


  • Use one pack for a 19 litre batch
  • Add at the beginning of boil with sugar or add to boiling water to dissolve and sterilize.
  • For seltzers with a S.G. of 1.040 and higher, use 2 packs.