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White Labs WLP023 Burton Ale yeast

White Labs WLP023 Burton Ale yeast


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White Labs WLP023 Burton Ale yeast

This strain is sourced from Burton upon Trent, England which is known for pushing IPAs into the spotlight. It produces a subtle fruity ester profile which can be described as notes of apple, clover honey and pear. A background sulfur note is common with this strain. Great for use in hoppy American and English styles such as pale ales, bitters and ambers. Can also be an alternative to WLP001 California Ale yeast.

Flocculation: Medium
Attenuation: 72 - 78%
Temperature: 20 - 23°C
Alcohol Tolerance: Medium (5 - 10%)
Diastatic (STA1): No

Flavour Profile: Apple, Clove Honey, Pear

Suitable Beer Style: American IPA, Brown Ale, California Common, English Bitter, English IPA, Pale Ale, Porter, Red Ale, Scotch Ale, Stout

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