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White Labs WLP500 Monastery (Trappist) Ale

White Labs WLP500 Monastery (Trappist) Ale


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White Labs WLP500 Monastery (Trappist) Ale:

New name but same great yeast. From one of the few remaining Trappist breweries remaining in the world, this yeast produces the distinctive fruitiness and plum characteristics. Excellent yeast for high gravity beers, Belgian ales, dubbels and trippels.

Attenuation: 75-80%
Flocculation: Low to Medium
Optimum Fermentation Temperature: 65-72°F (18-22°C)
Note: Lower temperatures (under 65°F or 18°C) will result in less fruity and more earthy beers
Alcohol Tolerance: High (10-15%)

Add a Cool Yeast Shipper to protect your yeast. To ensure optimum viability we recommend an ice pack for each vial of yeast. For extra protection insulated packaging is also available.
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