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Zeus (CTZ) Hops - 454g

Zeus (CTZ) Hops - 454g



Zeus (CTZ) Hops - 454g

Zeus hops are also known as CTZ (Columbus, Tomahawk, and Zeus). These three hops varieties are nearly identical from one another. Zeus hops has a pleasant aroma known for its pungent hoppy “kick” and spicy, herbal flavour and aroma. Zeus has earthy and spicy characteristics that makes it an ideal bittering hop for many styles of beer like IPAs, Stouts, and even Lagers.

Typical brewing styles: IPA, Pale ale, Lager, Stout


Earthy, spicy, pungent, citrus overtones

Purpose: bittering
Alpha Acid:  14% - 16%
Beta Acid: 4.5% - 5%
Origin: US
Possible substitutions: Chinook, Nugget, Warrior

Our hops live in Nitrogen! All hops are packaged, stored, and shipped in nitrogen for optimum freshness.