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Zinfandel Blush - Blush Winemaking Kit 5.3L

Zinfandel Blush - Blush Winemaking Kit 5.3L



ABC Crafted Seires - Zinfandel Blush - Blush (Rosé) Winemaking Kit 5.3L

Popular Wines Made From Zinfandel Blush Varietal Grapes:

  • Crljenak Kaštelanski
  • Primitivo
  • Rose
  • White Zinfandel

Many people claim White Zinfandel is not rosé, but instead a blush wine; however, White Zinfandel is indeed a rosé wine, made in the rosé style, it just happens to be an incredibly sweet rosé.

Unlike white grapes that become white wine, and red grapes that become red wine, pink grapes don’t exist in nature; so, how do winemakers create a style of wine that always has such a beautiful pink colour?

Winemakers create a rosé wine by juicing red grapes and then allowing the juice to soak with the skins for a very short period, usually only two to three days. As soon as the juice begins to take on the beautiful pink colour the winemaker desires, the skins are removed and the juice is allowed to ferment, creating delicious rosé.

A common misconception is that rosé can also be made by mixing red wine with white wine, but in fact, this process is frowned upon by the wine community.


Taste: Big and intense with red fruit flavours of raspberry and cranberry and rich juicy flavours of blackberry and plum, accompanied by the spiciness of pepper, clove and cinnamon.
Tannin: Medium to high
Acidity: Medium to high
Age: Best enjoyed within a few years of release, but the highest quality wines age well.
Potential Alcohol By Volume: 11.5%
Volume: 5.3 litres
Weeks to Make: 4 Weeks
Makes: 23 Litres

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