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Top 10 Gift Ideas

Top 10 Gift Ideas

November 27th, 2021

#10 – Gift Certificate

You don’t know anything about homebrewing? It doesn’t matter, give them a gift card and let them buy what they have been dreaming of for so long!

#9 – 1 Gallon Starter Kit

You know they want to try making their own beer, but you don’t know what they need to get there. Why not buy a starter kit with everything they needs.

#8 – Cleaning and Sanitizing

To make good beer, having clean equipment is super important! A good brewer can never have enough cleaners. We also have a variety of tools to help with cleaning equipment.

#7 – Books and Literature

It’s important to nourish the body, but also our mind! Help improve their skills by giving a book full of new knowledge.

All in One Brewing System (#5 and #6)

The equipment is taking up a lot of space and they would like to take it to the next level? Why not get an all-in-one brewing system? It doesn’t take up much space and the beer will be even better!

#6 – Grainfather G30 – All in one brewing system

The Grainfather G30 is a 30L brewing system.  It will free up a lot of space and the beer will be much better.  The Grainfather has a 3 year warranty and is able to be connected via Bluetooth to the Connect App.

# 5 – Brewzilla – All in one brewing system

The Brewzilla, like the Grainfather is an all in one brewing system which will save up space and make the beer even better.  The Brewzilla is of lesser quality than the Grainfather and has only a 3 month warranty.  Don’t get us wrong; the Brewzilla is an excellent brewing system.  Check it out.

#4 – SS Brewtech Fermenters

Dreaming of a stainless steel fermenter? We’ve just added models from SS Brewtech to our inventory!

#3 – iTap serving and bottling system

Making beer on tap? Would love to bring a few bottles to your next holiday party? Get them an iTap system. With the iTap you can pour or bottle directly from your keg system.

#2 – Water Profile Analysis

Want to start playing with water profiles when brewing? We offer a water analysis service. Knowing what minerals to add to the brewing water will help in making better beer.

# 1 – Workshops and online training

Don’t like to read much, but would really like to push the brewing knowledge further? We offer a wide range of training on various subjects. Come and brew with us or with our professional brewer!