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Bavarian Weissbier - Kit à l'extrait

Bavarian Weissbier - Kit à l'extrait

UGS :10991


Bavarian Weissbier - Kit à l'extrait

Bavarian Weissbier is a 100% traditional German wheat beer. It's medium-light in body and very refreshing with a nice creamy head. You will taste banana, clove, and spicy tones. It's pale in colour and naturally cloudy with low hop bitterness. For an authentic experience put on some lederhosen and pour this puppy into a tall glass (aka mit hefe) then stir up that yeast.

Kit Includes

  • Dry Malt Extract
  • Hops
  • Complete Instructions suitable for all skill levels

Your Choice of Yeast (NOT INCLUDED)


  • OG - 1.051
  • IBU - 13.6
  • SRM - 6.8
  • ABV - 5.0%
  • 5 gallon batch


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