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Brûleur au propane (Forge Burner) – Anvil

Brûleur au propane (Forge Burner) – Anvil

UGS :11516

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Anvil Forge Burner

The Anvil Forge Burner is powerful, efficient, and fast! You’ll love the multiple height operation, rust-free precision cast burner, ultra-high temp coating, and the integral heat shielding to protect your valve and thermometer. Supporting kettles up to 20 gallons in size, this has all the features that you will need, in a single awesome burner!

Make it a kit and get the Anvil 10 gallon brew kettle!


  • Modular legs allow 7”, 16” operational heights. Mount to a bench, drain directly into a carboy, or make a 2 tier brew system.
  • Self-leveling feet provide rock-solid stability.
  • 80,000 BTU/Hr output for fast heating.
  • Large burner surface area distributes heat evenly for efficiency and eliminates hot spots.
  • Integral heat shield protects your valve and thermometer from heat damage.
  • Super deep burner ring is ideal for brewing in windy conditions.
  • Ultra-high temperature coating won't burn and melt like paint.
  • Supports kettles up to 20 gallons.
  • Regulator included.