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Malt beach smoked - Weyermann

Malt beach smoked - Weyermann

2,19$ par 454g (Vendu en vrac)
UGS :10208


Malt beach smoked - Weyermann

Weyermann Smoked Malt is produced by German Grown top quality Barley. Characteristic beech smoke aroma and taste; gentle notes of vanilla and honey.

Great for Scottish Ales, Smoked Beer, "Bamberger Rauchbier", "Kellerbier", Lager Alaskan Ale.


  • 5-10% – Noticeable smoke character in lighter style beers.
  • 10-20% – Pronounced smoke character in lighter styles like Scottish Ales
  • 30-60% – Noticeable to pronounced smoke character in darker styles like Stouts and Porters


°L: 3


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