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Rapport d'analyse du profil de l'eau

Rapport d'analyse du profil de l'eau

UGS :11552


Water Profile Analysis Report

Knowing what is in our brewing water is very important.  Each beer style has its own water profile.  Brewing these beers without adjusting the minerals in your brewing water can make your beer taste ordinary.

Beer Grains has put together a water profile analysis report to help you make water adjustments for your beer.

How it works

  1. We send you a 2oz container with a pre-paid return envelope.
  2. You fill the container and mail it back.
  3. Our microbiologist will do the analysis.
  4. We will create a detailed report.
  5. You will receive the report in PDF format by e-mail

What is in the report

  • Minerals present in your water that affects the brewing process
  • The pH of your water