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Stabilisateur de pH 5.2 – Five Star

Stabilisateur de pH 5.2 – Five Star

8,48$ par 113g
UGS :10404


Stabilisateur de pH 5.2 – Five Star - 113g


  • Optimize the enzymatic activity of your malt.
  • Help clarify your wort.
  • More consistent hop usage in the boil.
  • Reduce scaling & mineral deposition in the lauter.


5² is a proprietary blend of food-grade phosphate buffers (similar to brewer’s salts) that will lock in your mash and kettle water at a pH of 5² regardless of the starting pH of your water. 5² is safe for your mash and WILL NOT add any flavors to your beer. 5² will provide consistency of pH in any water conditions, but the most significant gains will be obtained if you are brewing in hard water.


Use 5² at a rate of approx 1/3oz for 5 US gallons of water. Calculate the amount of water based on the total volume in the kettle. Place 5² in the mash tun while you are mashing in. If desired, dissolve in a small amount of water before adding to the mash.