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Ultra-Ferm WLN4100 – White Labs

Ultra-Ferm WLN4100 – White Labs

UGS :10770


White Labs WLE4100 Ultra-Ferm:

Ultra-Ferm reduces saccharification times, saccharifies unmalted cereal brews, and increases attenuation. Add 1 vial of Ultra-Ferm at beginning of mash-in. Each package contains 1 vial.

Ultra-Ferm is very effective for ethanol or dry beer production: Brewers often want to produce light beers or dietetic beers. In these cases the brewer wants a controlled or complete hydrolysis of starch and dextrins to fermentable glucose. Traditional brewing methods permit only 75 to 80% hydrolysis of starch present in the grain raw material. ULTRA-FERM amyloglucosidase permits total hydrolysis of dextrins to fermentable glucose, from all types of starch.

  • Optimal pH is between 3.5-5.5
  • Temperature should not exceed 60°C
  • Amyloglucosidase activity is completely destroyed when the wort is held at 85°C for 10 minutes or more