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Photo Submission

Photo Submissions - Photo courtesy of Antoine Lacerte


We love to see you enjoying your brewing equipment and beer. Send us your photo’s and if a photo is used on our website or other marketing material we’ll send you a coupon code for $25, pretty cool eh!

Ideally the photo will include something you’ve bought or made from BG stuff. It can be a photo of ingredients, equipment, beer, the BG logo, brew day, fermentation, someone horsing around with BG somewhere in the photo, or you skydiving while holding a bag of hops in one hand and the ripcord in the other; anything goes.

The photo should be sent in it's original resolution. The better the resolution (more pixels) the greater the chances are of your photo being used. There's no telling when and how we'll use your photo but as soon as we do we'll email the discount code to you.

By submitting your photo you authorize Beer Grains Supply Co to use the photo in any advertising, print, or digital media.

Send your photo’s to Cheers!