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The Yeast Bay


Beer could not be beer without yeast. Good beer cannot be good beer without artisanal yeast from The Yeast Bay. The Yeast Bay specializes in liquid yeast that allows homebrewers to convert their “wort-y” water into great beer. Beware that this is not for the faint hearted but for the determined homebrew masters destined for greatness.

Liquid yeast is a live culture which means it can be cultured for any strain of your homebrew. Keep in mind that since this is a live culture, it is more perishable and has a shorter shelf life.

The Yeast Bay is a fantastic brand of liquid yeast due to its creator and chief yeast wrangler, Nick Impellitteri, holding a BS in Biology and a minor in Chemistry. Mr. Impellitteri brings the opportunity to have incredible strains for your homebrewing adventures.

Here at Beer Grains Supply Co., we are happy to bring The Yeast Bay to our Canadian homebrewers. There are countless ways to create new brews with the liquid yeast. We offer both Brewer’s Yeast and Wild Yeast and Bacteria. The challenge is being patient enough to allow the yeast to do its thing. It takes months, or maybe even years, for liquid yeast to produce the notable characteristics you’ll continue to desire.

We promise that the wait is worth it. The liquid yeast enhances the sensory experience of drinking your beer. You will smell the beer as much as you will taste it. The Yeast Bay’s liquid yeast is not for novice brewers with little ambition. Challenge yourself to create a true masterpiece at your home brewery, and then share your brilliance on our Buzz feed.