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Filtre sanitaire

Filtre sanitaire

UGS :10920

En rupture d'inventaire


Sanitary Filter:

Inline Sanitary air filter that filters down to 0.023 micron at 99.99% efficiency. This filter is very useful for brewers! Fits both 1/4" and 3/8" ID tubing and fits perfectly in any standard stopper or bung.


  1. This sanitary air filter works great as an airlock. It allows CO2 to escape while preventing unfiltered oxygen from entering your carboy, pail, or conical fermenter. Not recommended for long term conditioning or storage since it does not prevent O2 from entering.
  2. Use with an oxygentation or aeration system. Connect it inline between your O2/air and carb stone.
  3. Use it to filter out potential contaminents from your CO2 kegging tank.


Store dry in a ziplock bag. The life of the filter depends on use but you should expect approximately 1 year of service, discard if there are any signs of discolouration. Always use the same side for IN and OUT. NEVER sanitize filter!