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Come and live the experince of brewing your own beer!

Brewing your own beer is a very rewarding experience and also a wonderful hobby.  These days many people want to try new things.  A brewing experience is something every body that like craft beer should try.  Maybe you don't want to get in this great tasting hobby but you want to know more about the brewing process and the different styles on beer out there.  Our Brewing Experience is geared to suite your needs.  Not interested in the brewing process but you beer?  We have you covered.  You can come in and make a brewing kit in our facility.

Live The Experience

You are a fan of great tasting craft beers?  You like to try different styles?  You wish you could know more so you can make better choices? A brewing experience is what you need.  During this 4 hour experience, you will learn about the brewing process, the ingredients (grain, hops, yeast) that make up a great tasting craft beer.  You will also bottle your beer once fermentation is completed. You will learn the styles of beer that exists out there.  Having this knowledge will help you make choices when choosing a beer at your local brewery or store.

When purchasing the Brewing Experience, you will need to choose a beer to make.  Beer Grains offer many different styles and we are sure you will find one to your liking.

Start Brewing At Home

Brewing your own beer at home is a wonderful hobby... Plus it tastes great!  With beer prices going up, making your own beer will save you money.  You can make 34 bottles of home brew for about the same price as 8 bottles of a craft beer.  Come and live the brewing experience and learn how to brew at home.  Our experienced brewer will cover all the brewing steps in detail so you will be confident when brewing your first batch of home brew.

The brewing experience will cover the brewing process in detail, ingredients (grain, hops, yeast) and the bottling process.  You will see, making great tasting beer at home is easy.

I Just Want Beer

You just want beer?  You are not interested in the brewing process or brewing at home?  We have you covered.  We have many kits you can choose from.  We offer a all-inclusive beer making.  No long hours of making beer here.  Our kits are ready to be fermented, you come in, pour the yeast pack in the bucket and come back two weeks later to bottle.  Plain and simple.

You can call us to book an appointment and choose your kit or you can place your order online and we will call you to book your appointment.