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History and mission


Our mission is to offer brewers the a vast choice of ingredients. We currently have 85 different grains, 40 different hops and the largest selection of yeast in Canada. We also have a wide range of beer brewing kits with our fresh ingredients. Our passion is brewing!

If you are thinking of trying to brew, give us a try, our experienced staff is here to assist you and answer any questions you may have. Whether you are a new or experienced homebrewer, we support you to help you produce the best beer.

To help you get started we offer brewing classes to new brewers.


Beer Grains has been in business since 2012, it all started with a desire to help homebrewers have the best ingredients to make their own beer. We’ve made several changes along the way that have made Beer Grains the best brewing store in the Ottawa / Gatineau area and Beer Grains is continuing to thrive!

In 2018, a new brewing supply store was opening its doors in Gatineau, Québec. La Chope à Malt was just an infant compared to Beer Grains. La Chope à Malt acquired Beer Grains Supply Co. and incorporated both stores and philosophies into one. Now Beer Grains and La Chope à Malt are one and making its mark on the brewing community locally and across Canada.

The idea of La Chope à Malt all started with a friend telling us that he started brewing beer. This got us intrigued and after tasting his latest creations, got us interested in the brewing process.

After three months of reading books we brewed our first batch of beer. Like many brewers, the first brew was a learning curve but the beer got better and better with each brew. The idea of opening a brewing supply store came with the lack of ingredient availability in the region. So after one and half years, the project of opening a new brewing supply store in the Ottawa / Gatineau area was born.