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Beer Grains offers many different workshops to help you get started in home brewing or expand your knowledge. We also offer equipment rentals like the Granfather, QuickCarb and Jockey Box.


Brewing Experience

Learn to brew your own beer. This workshop will show you all you need to know about making great tasting craft beers at home. Come an spend a day with our experienced brewer and learn about this amazing hobby.


Beer Off-Flavour Tasting

Being a home brewer means you have probably brewed a beer with a flavour that wasn't suppose to be there. Off-flavours in beer are common in home brewing. In this workshop you will taste the 6 most frequent off-flavours found in beer.


Jockey Box **COMING SOON**

Bring your beer to a party without dismantling your keg system.  You can rent our jockey box and serve two kegs of beer.  You can also rent a CO2 tank with all the fittings.  Corney kegs (Ball lock or Pin lock) or Sanke Kegs fitting available. 



Ever wanted to try brewing with the Grainfather?  Now you can try before you buy.  The Grainfather is a all-in-one brewing system and comes with boil kettle, grain basket and wort chiller.  You can even connect your phone to the controller.


QuickCarb **COMING SOON**

We brewers don't like to wait for our beer to get carbonated.  That is why many of us keg our beer so we can force carbonate and start drinking it faster.  The Quick Carb can carbonate your beer in less than an hour!