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Yeast - Pursuit of Perfection

January 24th, 2023

The Passion For Wild Yeast

Jocelyn Bernier–Lachance is a microbiologist with nearly 10 years of experience in home brewing. He has worked for Lallemand and Gallicus Brewery and is now a consultant and microbiologist for Beer Grains. For centuries, humankind...

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The challenges facing homebrewers

January 12th, 2023

The challenges facing homebrewers!

Paule Gosselin is an enthusiastic literature teacher who is passionate about the art of beer brewing. She loves learning about the ingredients and artisanal production of different beers and enjoys sharing her knowledge and love for...

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Beer Glassware

December 12th, 2022

The 5 must-have beer glasses

Written by: Dominique Labre, creator and lead member of the Ottawa’s Homebrew Society If there’s something I know about myself, it is that I always had a glassware obsession. My love for a cool vessel...

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Biere de Noel

November 25th, 2022

Christmas beer: between history, marketing and spices

By Nathalie Coursin Ah it's finally here, this month of December that brings with it the official beginning of winter, but also the comforting time of the Holidays. What if this time, we took the...

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Six steps to brew day

November 7th, 2022

The 6 Golden steps to prep your Brew Day

Written by: Dominique Labre, creator and lead member of the Ottawa’s Homebrew Society On top of the ever-growing home brewing community, we also have access to a massive amount of information online and numerous published...

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Major trends in craft brewing

November 7th, 2022

The major trends in craft brewing

Written by: Paule Gosselin, columnist for Bière et Plaisirs magazine and author of the blog La Fleur du Malt. The craze for quality microbrewery beers continues to grow and many people in Quebec are passionate...

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Stout Beer

January 29th, 2022

Sweetness and roundness in beer

How do you play with the sweetness and roundness of beer? When you think of sweetness and roundness, you immediately think of one style of beer in particular: stouts. These dark beers are appreciated for...

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Brewing Made Simple

January 9th, 2022

Brewing Made Simple

Are you thinking of quitting brewing because you find it too complex or time-consuming to make a beer? Don't worry, we've put together our top 10 list of tools to make your brewing life easier...

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All-in-one system - Game Changer

January 4th, 2022

All-in-one brewing systems: the homebrewing game changer

First of all, what is an all-brewing system? It is an instrument designed to let you mash, sparge and boil your wort in the same vessel. Basically, it is a kettle with a pump, a...

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