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Make great tasting hard apple cider that you can enjoy year round!

Hard sparkling apple cider has become more and more popular.  Hard cider is around 4 to 5% alcohol and has a sweet taste.  Cider can be enjoyed year round and is easy to drink.  You can make your own sparkling hard cider in our winery, so no equipment to buy.  Have everything at home?  buy a kit today. We offer different style ciders.

Make it in our winery

You can make your kit in our winery.  Its easy!  you come in, add the yeast to your cider and come back 2 weeks later to bottle. No hassle, no equipment, just great tasting cider.

Make your cider for as little as $1.95 a bottle. These kit wield 23 litres, about 44 bottles of 500ml.