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Anvil Ferment in a Kettle - 10 gallon kit

Anvil Ferment in a Kettle - 10 gallon kit



Anvil Ferment in a Kettle - 10 gallon kit

Turn your ANVIL Brew Kettle, into an awesome Stainless Steel Fermentor, with the Ferment in a Kettle. This system is perfect for the occasional brewer (brews once a month or so) who wants to get the most out of their high-quality equipment purchases. Use your ANVIL Kettle as a fermentor.


  • One piece silicone lid seal fits tightly blocking oxygen and bacteria from your beer.
  • Racking arm utilizes a teflon washer to allow your ANVIL valve and diptube to turn freely and become a racking arm. Transfer sediment free beer like the pros.
  • Unique sanitary nut covers the threads of the thermometer to provide a super sanitary thermometer connection with no exposed threads.
  • All ANVIL kettles have pre-drilled holes to accommodate the included airlock and grommet- no modifications to the kettle is necessary.