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Brew day with the Grainfather

Brew day with the Grainfather



If you ever wanted to know how to make beer but were too intimidated by the whole process to do it yourself, this workshop is for you.  Our experience brewer will guide you through the brewing process.  Our brewer will explain the different types of grains and how they are used to make different styles of beer.  Every beer contains hops; the use of hops in different styles will be discus.  Yeast is also a big part of the brewing process, our experienced brewer will cover different types of yeast and how they affect the finish beer.

In this workshop you do the work; you brew your own beer all the while being coached by an experienced brewer. Try it out, you will see that brewing your own beer is not that hard. The reward of brewing your own beer is awesome; you get to drink it!

This is a great gift idea to give someone.  Beer making is a great hobby that can be share with everybody.

We offer a complete brewing experience with on-site brewing, fermenting and bottling. You can choose from our list of all-grain beer kits.


  • Your choice of beer kit.
  • 500ml P.E.T. bottles.
  • Fermentation and bottling on site.


We can also accommodate groups in a brew day.  Every type of configuration is available.  We have the ability to brew five 19L batches of beer.  Contact us for pricing if you are wanting to brew with more people.  Businesses are also welcome to come and brew and live a great experience.


This workshop is only given on weekends.  Brewing beer takes 4 hours. You will brew your beer and come back in 2 to 3 weeks to bottle it.  Bottling takes about 2 hours.