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G2 BoilerMaker Kettle 10 gallons with BrewVision and valve

G2 BoilerMaker Kettle 10 gallons with BrewVision and valve



G2 BoilerMaker  stock pot 10 gallons with BrewVision and valve

Blichmann is known for clean, simple, intuitive designs, and the BoilerMaker G2 is a shining example. Designed and manufactured in the USA, this kettle has all the features brewers need with none of the clutter. No protruding valves, clunky fittings, or difficult-to-clean accessories.

The BoilerMaker G2 is a 10 gallon standard brew pot which is perfect for making 5 gallon batches. This kettle comes equipped with the BrewVision thermometer which gives you Bluetooth temperature readings right on your phone.

Kettle Features

  • Single-piece seamless construction, Made in USA from high-quality American stainless steel.
  • Easy to maneuver, showcase appearance, and no clutter to get in the way.
  • Lifetime warranty.
  • Adjust flow, orient in any direction to prevent kinked hoses, and disassemble in seconds for easy cleaning.
  • Rivet-free handles with its clean design, cool-touch grips, and oriented for easy carrying.
  • BrewVision thermometer, dip tub, and level gauge all included.

BrewVision is an interactive digital assistant that ensures you hit and hold temps, never miss a boil addition, and chill to perfection every time.

BrewVision Features

  • Interactive Updates and Alerts.
  • BeerSmith Recipe Integration.
  • Recordable Results.
  • Pair Up to 7 Sensors with Customizable Names.
  • Dashboard Sensor Overview.
  • 120 Hour Battery Life (about 20 batches).
  • Range: 30 ft Indoors, 100ft Unobstructed.
  • Fahrenheit / Celsius Setting.

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