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Huell Melon Hops

Huell Melon Hops

$2.95 per 28g


Huell Melon Hops - 28g

Huell Melon hops are relatively new on the market, A daughter of Cascade, Huell Melon has some interesting flavour characteristics not usually associated with hops. This hop is intensely fruity with flavours and aromas of honeydew melon and strawberries.

Typical brewing styles: IPA, Pale ale


fruity, honeydew melon, strawberries

Purpose: aroma
Alpha Acid:  6% - 8%
Beta Acid: 6% - 9%
Origin: Germany
Possible substitutions: None

Our hops live in Nitrogen! All hops are packaged, stored, and shipped in nitrogen for optimum freshness.