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iTap Clamp Lock for Swing Top Bottles

iTap Clamp Lock for Swing Top Bottles



iTap Clamp Lock for Swing Top Bottles

This counter pressure bottle filler is essential to selling beer to go or bringing you homebrew to a party. This clamp-lock is designed for dispensing drinks into a Swing top glass bottle, for iTap and iTap 2 systems.

The iTap is designed so you can quickly switch from a clamp-lock for swing top bottles to a crown cap bottle and vice versa. Having the proper clamp will ensure no oxygen comes in contact with your beer. The counter-pressure bottle filler ensures the beer, cider or soft drinks stay carbonated. As a result, the drinks will stay fresh in the bottles and ready to enjoy!

  • First of all, the clamp-lock fits all iTap devices
  • Allows to expand the product packaging options
  • Produced from high-quality food-grade materials
  • No disposable removable parts
  • Easy and convenient use of counter-pressure bottle filler
  • Warranty service
  • The best ratio of price vs quality