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Kegerator Series X - Kegland

Kegerator Series X - Kegland

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Kegerator Series X - Kegland

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The KegLand Seriex X refrigerator is perfect for those who wish to build their own kegging system and serve kegged beer, cider or wine.  This unit has the top hole already cut to accommodate a draft tower.   You can chose to have 1 to 4 taps.  You don't need to be a home brewer to have a keg fridge.  Commercial kegs (Labatt, Molson) and craft breweries will fit this refrigerator but you may only be able to fit one.  Depending on the dimensions of the keg, you may be able to fit more.  We can help you with this part.


  • 2 x Locking Castor wheels
  • 2 x Non-Locking Castor Wheels
  • 1 x Internally Mounted Beer Glass Rack Holder
  • 1 x Black Reinforced Plastic Drip Tray
  • 1 x Wire Shelf
  • 1 x 2.6kg (5 lb) Cylinder Bracket Holder
  • 1 x Chrome Guard Rail
  • 1 x Font/Recirculation fan
  • 1 x Kegland MK4 Regulator

Your Choice

  • Your choice of tower (1 to 4 taps)
  • Your choice of keg connections

Improved Features

  • Improved inbuilt Font Fan with toggle on/off function.
  • New circuit boards with temperature control, calibration and on-board memory functions as standard.
  • Increased compressor power while being approximately 20% more electrically efficient.


  • Width: 600mm (23.6")
  • Depth: 640mm (25.2")
  • Height: 840mm (33") excluding casters
  • Height: 890mm (35") including casters