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Taprite Primary CO2 Double Regulator

Taprite Primary CO2 Double Regulator

This product is discontinued or no longer available // Ce produit est discontinué ou n'est plus disponible


Taprite Primary CO2 Double Regulator (T752HP-02)

This Taprite High Performance Primary CO2 Beer Regulator is an excellent regulator designed for high volume commercial dispense applications using multiple taps. With this 2 Pressure and 2 Product Regulator you can monitor both your CO2 and output pressure. Changing kegs and CO2 tanks is a breeze with the easy to adjust polycarbonate bonnet. The regulator's brass body and polycarbonate bonnet make it corrosion resistant and highly durable.

No need for a pass-thru regulator with this double regulator.  Use one regulator for forced carbonation and the other for serving pressure.  The second regulator can also be hooked up to a manifold for serving multiple beers at once.

  • 2 Pressure 2 Product Regulator
  • CGA320 Inlet (to CO2 tank)
  • 2x 1/4" MFL Flare Shutoff w/Check valve
  • 2x 60lb pressure gauges
  • 1x 2000lb pressure Gauge
  • Working Pressure 0-50 PSI
  • Safety Blowoff 60 +/- 5 PSI