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The Brew Bag For Kettles 5060

The Brew Bag For Kettles 5060


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The Brew Bag For Kettles - 5060

This brew bag is perfect for mashing all the while using the BIAB system.  Use it in your mash tun to help with filtering and clean up.  This filter maximizes the out flow of wort so sparging is not necessary. After strike water temp is reached put The Brew Bag in your kettle, add grain and mash as usual. When the mash is done follow your normal sparge/ no sparge procedures and transfer to the boil kettle.


  • Fits kettles and coolers with a 15" to 17.75" diameter
  • Height: 19" to 24"
  • Mesh: 200 Micron


  • Use again and again - NOT a throw away bag.
  • 1" poly straps cover seams and bear the weight of the grain.
  • 2" loops for lifting - by hand or with a pulley and a hook.
  • Holds over 100 pounds of grain.
  • Smooth seams on the interior enable quick cleaning.
  • All strapping intersections are reinforced with "X" stitching.
  • Use it as your Hop Bag suspended in the kettle.
  • Hand wash and drip dry.