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White Dessert Ice Wine Kit

White Dessert Ice Wine Kit



White Dessert Ice Wine Kit


Create your Luxurious Ice Wine with our white winemaking kit

A journey into the world of Ice Wine

Discover the art of ice wine making with our exquisite dessert Ice Wine style kit. This kit celebrates the unique and intricate process of ice wine production, offering you the chance to create a golden, full-bodied dessert wine that's as enchanting to the palate as it is to the eye. This kit is your gateway to the luxurious world of ice wine, perfect for those special moments or as a sophisticated accompaniment to desserts.


Specialized Kit: Explicitly designed for crafting white ice wine at home.
Riesling Grapes: Known for their balance and aromatic profile, they are perfect for ice wine.
ABV%: 14%
Complete Package: Includes all necessary additives for clarity, stability, and enhanced flavor.
Generous Yield: Produces approximately 15 bottles (750ml each), totaling 11.5L.

Tasting Notes

Sweetness: Lusciously sweet, capturing the essence of concentrated grape flavors.
Acidity: Vibrant acidity that balances the sweetness, adding freshness.
Aromatics: Enticing ripe fruits and honey aromas, creating a captivating bouquet.
Body: Full-bodied with a velvety texture, coating the palate luxuriously.
Finish: Leaves a lingering finish that is both elegant and decadent.

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