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8 Litre P.E.T. Bottle - Kegland

8 Litre P.E.T. Bottle - Kegland



8 Litre P.E.T. Bottle - Kegland

This 8 litre amber P.E.T. bottle from Kegland is a great add on to any kegging system.  Easily bring your beer with you.  With an 8 litre bottle you will be able to share your favourite homebrew with everyone.  This is the bottle only and it should be paired with the tapping head if you don't already have one.

** Tapping head sold separately

Make it a bundle and buy the Tapping Head and 8 Litre P.E.T. Bottle

Do not Exceed 65 psi (4 Bar)

Periodic Hydrotesting Requirement

All pressure vessels should be hydrotested periodically. This is a very simple process and it's nothing to be feared. We recommend that this container be pressure tested every 2 years up to 87 psi (6 bar). The instructions for this are:

  1. Remove the RED pressure relief valve (PRV) from the tapping head and fit a GREY PRV  (you can borrow one of these from a 19L keg).
  2. Fill the keg to the absolute brim with water. DO NOT forget this step.
  3. Use a bike pump, CO2 regulator, air compressor or any other pressure source to pressurize the keg to 87 psi (6 bar).
  4. Hold the keg at this pressure for 1 minute.
  5. Release the pressure and immediately remove the GREY PRV and swap back the to RED PRV.

Note: This test should be done with the keg and water in the keg at room temperature 15-30°C

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