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8 Litre P.E.T. Keg With Tapping Head - Kegland

8 Litre P.E.T. Keg With Tapping Head - Kegland

From: $28.99

CM Becker Ball Lock Disconnect - MFL Gas – optional

Quantity : 1

Ball Lock Liquid Disconnect 8mm Duotight - Kegland – optional

Quantity : 1

EVABarrier Beer and Gas Line - 8mm (per foot) – optional

Quantity : 3

Picnic Tap for 8mm EVABarrier - Kegland – optional

Quantity : 1


8 Litre P.E.T. Keg With Tapping Head - Kegland

This 8 litre P.E.T. keg is a great value and is the best way to store your home brew in a smaller container.  This keg is more convenient than 19 litre corny kegs.  This system makes it easy to bring your home brew to a party with friends.  The include tapping head will allow you to serve your beer like a pro.

Do not Exceed 65 psi (4 Bar)

Periodic Hydrotesting Requirement

All pressure vessels should be hydrotested periodically. This is a very simple process and it's nothing to be feared. We recommend that this container be pressure tested every 2 years up to 87 psi (6 bar). The instructions for this are:

  1. Remove the RED pressure relief valve (PRV) from the tapping head and fit a GREY PRV  (you can borrow one of these from a 19L keg).
  2. Fill the keg to the absolute brim with water. DO NOT forget this step.
  3. Use a bike pump, CO2 regulator, air compressor or any other pressure source to pressurize the keg to 87 psi (6 bar).
  4. Hold the keg at this pressure for 1 minute.
  5. Release the pressure and immediately remove the GREY PRV and swap back the to RED PRV.

Note: This test should be done with the keg and water in the keg at room temperature 15-30°C