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Basic Brewing Low-Tech Lagering and Decoction Mashing DVD

Basic Brewing Low-Tech Lagering and Decoction Mashing DVD

This product is discontinued or no longer available // Ce produit est discontinué ou n'est plus disponible


Basic Brewing Stepping into All Grain DVD:

James Spencer and Steve Wilkes have teamed up to take the intimidation out of all grain brewing. Their DVD video, "Stepping into All Grain", is an easy-to-follow introduction into making great beer from grains.This video takes you from milling the grains to collecting your wort. It is primarily designed to be used by those who already know how to brew using extracts, but new brewers will learn a lot, too.The DVD uses a non-linear approach, enabling you to choose between infusion mashing or step mashing and then batch sparging or continuous sparging. Of course, you can use the chapter list to go back to any section you want to see again at any time. We cover: grain, equipment, water, mashing (infusion and step), vorlauf, lautering, and sparging (batch and continuous).Format: NTSC DVD VideoLength: approximately 60 minutesNo region encoding