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Elderflowers - 56g

Elderflowers - 56g


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Elderflowers - 56g

Using elderflowers in beer can impart a unique flavour and aroma profile to your brew. Here's a basic guide on how to incorporate elderflowers into your beer:

Choose the Right Beer Style: Elderflowers have a delicate floral aroma that can complement certain beer styles well. Lighter styles like wheat beers, saisons, or even pale ales can be good choices as they allow the elderflower flavour to shine without overpowering other ingredients.

Addition Timing: Elderflowers can be added at various stages of the brewing process, depending on the flavour intensity you desire. You can add them during the last 5-10 minutes of the boil for subtle floral notes, during fermentation, or even during secondary fermentation for a more pronounced elderflower flavour.

Method of Addition:

  • Boil Addition: If adding during the boil, place the elderflowers in a mesh bag or directly into the kettle during the last few minutes of the boil. This extracts their flavour and aroma into the wort.
  • If adding during fermentation, you can either add the elderflowers directly into the fermenter or make a tincture by soaking them in a small amount of vodka or neutral spirit for a few days and then adding the tincture to the fermenter.
  • Adding elderflowers during secondary fermentation allows for a more delicate flavour extraction. Place the elderflowers in a sanitized secondary fermenter and rack the beer onto them, allowing it to sit for a week or two to infuse the flavours.