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Escarpment Labs Marina Russian Farmhouse yeast

Escarpment Labs Marina Russian Farmhouse yeast


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Escarpment Laboratories Marina Russian Farmhouse yeast

Marina Russian Farmhouse is a  S. cerevisiae strain from deep in Chuvashia in Russia and is quite unique.  Escarpment Labs has thought it would be worth sharing with the world. Marina displays notes of white wine, baking spice, and light vanilla. It is closest in profile to Belgian ale strains and would be at home in Belgian styles or as the primary strain in a mixed culture ferment. Traditionally, it is used in a rye-heavy boiled-mash beer.

Attenuation: 75 - 85%
Temperature: 25 - 39°C
Alcohol Tolerance:
Diastatic (STA1):

Flavour Profile: spices, white wine, light vanilla

Suitable Beer Styles: Belgian, Saison, American Ale

Possible Substitutes: None