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Escarpment Laboratories Skare Kveik Yeast

Escarpment Laboratories Skare Kveik Yeast


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Skare Kveik Yeast

The Skare Kveik (sourced from Gunnar Skare; actually pronounced "scar-uh") has gained a reputation in homebrew circles for quick and somewhat more neutral flavour profile. Our blend of three isolates from Skare selects the best of the bunch and this blend can be used to produce clean beers quickly,

Attenuation: 70 - 75%
Optimum Temp: 25 - 35ºC
Alcohol tolerance: High
Flocculation: High


Add a Cool Yeast Shipper to protect your yeast. To ensure optimum viability we recommend an ice pack for each vial of yeast. For extra protection insulated packaging is also available.