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Fortified Dessert Red Wine Kit (Port)

Fortified Dessert Red Wine Kit (Port)



Fortified Dessert Red Wine Kit (Port)


Indulge in elegance: Fortified dessert red wine kit

Master the art of dessert winemaking

Elevate your winemaking repertoire with the Fortified Dessert Red Wine winemaking kit. This premium kit empowers you to craft a luscious, full-bodied red dessert wine that rivals the traditional fortified wines savoured by connoisseurs. In just six weeks, you'll revel in your creation's deep hues and rich sweetness, boasting a warming 17% alcohol content perfect for sipping alongside gourmet cheeses or sumptuous desserts.

Tasting Notes

Sweetness: Rich and indulgent.
Acidity: Perfectly balanced to enhance sweetness.
Tannin: Soft, complementing the velvety texture.
Alcohol: Warming 17%, true to fortified wine character.
Body: Full-bodied with a luxurious mouthfeel.

Key Features

Craft Ease: User-friendly for both novices and seasoned winemakers.
Generous Yield: Produces 15 bottles of 750ml each, totalling 11.5L.
Quick Turnaround: Enjoy your dessert wine in just six weeks.
High Alcohol Content: Craft a wine with a traditional fortified strength of 17%.
Deep Colour & Taste: Ensures a sensory delight with every sip.

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