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How to chose a ferment

How to chose a ferment



How to chose a ferment

Choosing a yeast can be overwhelming.  How to choose with between all the yeasts out there.  What are the differences between dry and liquid yeasts.  What yeast will work best  with the style of beer I will be making.  Yes choosing the right yeast can be difficult.  This is why we are offering this workshop.  Get to know your ferment or yeast.  Beer Grains offers many different substitutes for a given yeast.  If we don't have it in stock, we are sure to have a substitute for your yeast.  This workshop will help you with yeast substitutes.

Workshop outline

  • Understand the impact of ferments in beer production.
  • Know the different types of ferments (yeast, bacteria, etc.)
  • Know the different forms in which ferments are sold.
  • Understand the information provided by the ferment manufacturers.
  • Understand the parameters to consider when choosing a ferment.
  • Understand how and where to look for a substitute for each ferment.