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Hypa II - IPA - All-Grain Kit

Hypa II - IPA - All-Grain Kit



Hypa II - IPA - All-Grain Kit

The Hypa Series of IPAs from the Brasserie du Bas Canada is largely inspired by the New-England style beers. They explore different varieties of hops in this series. We are proud to present you with Hypa II IPA. This version of HYPA is rather on the dry side of the HYPA series range, which leaves more room for hops. One can perceive notes of mango, peach and orange peel. A beautiful veiled IPA, well fruity.

Kit Includes

  • Grains
  • Hops
  • Instructions suitable for all skill levels

Your Choice of Yeast (Not Included)

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  • OG - 1.062
  • FG - 1.015
  • IBU -
  • SRM -
  • ABV - 6.5%
  • 19L (5 gallon) batch

Not Included But Required

Mash tun