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All-in-one system - Game Changer

All-in-one brewing systems: the homebrewing game changer

January 3rd, 2022

First of all, what is an all-brewing system? It is an instrument designed to let you mash, sparge and boil your wort in the same vessel. Basically, it is a kettle with a pump, a heating element, and a control panel.

Whichever system you are looking at, they all share the same characteristics. You can easily brew 5 gallons of beer of up to 6-7% alcohol. Bigger systems are also available. They all come with a grain basket with a false bottom that lets the wort go out in the kettle. A pump makes the wort go back in the grain basket. So you mash and recirculate at the same time! After that, you only need to lift the grain basket to sparge. The kettle itself has an integrated heating element that allows you to boil the produced wort. Those systems even come with a heat transfer setup system to help you cool down your wort. The control panel allows you to control your mash and boil temperature as well as create specific programs.

There are several advantages to using one of those devices to brew at home. First of all, one device takes less space than a mash tun, a lauter tun, and so on. This also means less cleaning afterwards. Since you control all your parameters, you have better control over the quality of your product and get a better yield in the end. You will save a lot of time with it. It could take as less as 3-4 hours to have it all done.

The most popular systems are probably the Brewzilla/Robobrew and the Grainfather. Their price ranges from 600$ to 1200$. You think it is expensive? Just make some maths and you will realize that all the equipment those systems can replace is worth that price. Even one of our employees sells all his brewing equipment to buy a Brewzilla/Robobrew!

Still not convinced? You would like to try one before you decide? That’s possible. Here at the shop, you can rent one or brew at the shop with one of us.

Believe us, you won’t regret it.