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Brewing Made Simple

Brewing Made Simple

January 8th, 2022

Are you thinking of quitting brewing because you find it too complex or time-consuming to make a beer? Don’t worry, we’ve put together our top 10 list of tools to make your brewing life easier to start the year off right! 


#10: Sample thief

Taking a sample of our beer can be tricky if you use a glass carboy. We have the solution. The sample thief allows you to take a sample even in the tightest of containers. Then, simply transfer the sample into a measuring cylinder or insert your hydrometer into the sample thief and you’re done!


#9: Refractometer 

Did you know that a hydrometer is calibrated to take measurements at room temperature? This means that we have to wait for our sample to cool down or force it to cool down faster to take the gravity.  Don’t wait, use a refractometer! This precious tool allows you to get a gravity reading regardless of the temperature of the wort. Just add a few drops of wort to to the glass sample area, wait a couple of minutes for the wort to cool down and take your reading. 


#8: Fermonster 

Are you clumsy or affraid to break you glass carboy? Would you like something lighter than a glass carboy? Get a Fermonster! Made a food-grade P.E.T. plastic, it’s super light and easy to handle. Its large opening makes it easy to clean and dry-hopping using a nylon bad. You can even add a valve for sampling or bottling.  


#7: Fastferment 

The Fastferment is a conical food-grade plastic fermenter with the same advantages as the Fermonster. In addition, its conical base has a valve that allows you to easily dispose of the yeast at the bottom of the fermenter or to store it in a container for later use. It can also be fitted with an adapter for bottling from the base of the fermenter.  


#6: BeerGun  

It’s a well-known fact that oxygen is beer’s worst enemy. How can we avoid adding oxygen to our bottles? Its easy with a BeerGun! It’s a system that allows you to purge your bottles with carbon dioxide and then fill them with beer. Your beer will have minimal contact with oxygen and stay fresher longer.  


#5: FastWasher 

Tired of long hours cleaning your bottles so you can bottle your beer? Get a FastWasher. You can wash 12 to 24 bottles at a time with a system like this. You can also use it to sanitize your bottles! 


#4: Camlock connector 

Always screwing and unscrewing hose clamps? Would you like a faster option? Have you ever heard of Camlock connectors This connectors, are available with barbs or 1/2″ NPT.  you can adapt any type of brewing system with these camlocks.


#3: Kegging system 

Bottling takes a lot of time and a little help from a friend. What if you could put the beer in one container? Wouldn’t that be faster? Well, it already exists! We call it a keg. It takes a lot less time to fill it, it’s easy to clean and your beer will stay fresh longer.  Contact us and we will assist you in putting together a first class kegging system.


#2: iTap  

Love the idea of a kegging system, but don’t want to take it apart to bring your beer to a party? Install an iTap on your kegging system. It’s a tap that allows you to pour a glass AND bottle at the same time.  


#1: All-in-one brewing system 

Having a all-in-one brewing system takes up 75% less room and will also cut cleaning time from your brew day.  We wrote a great article about this. Go read it in our blog!