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Ahtanum Hops – 454g

Ahtanum Hops – 454g

This product is discontinued or no longer available // Ce produit est discontinué ou n'est plus disponible


Ahtanum Hops - 454g

Ahtanum is a warmly aromatic hop and moderately bittering. This hop has a sweet peppery aspect with a piney-citrus flavour. Cascade may be used as a substitute even though Ahtanums' alpha acid is lower and its grapefruit essence is more pronounced. This hop is more like Willamette.

Typical brewing styles: American Ales, Bitters, Californian Common, Heffeweisen, IPA, Lagers


Distinct citrus character, cedar, floral, herbal

Purpose: aroma
Alpha Acid:  4% - 6%
Beta Acid: 4% - 6%
Origin: US
Possible substitutions: Amarillo, Cascade, Centennial, Simcoe, Willamette

Our hops live in Nitrogen! All hops are packaged, stored, and shipped in nitrogen for optimum freshness.