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Centennial Hops

Centennial Hops

$2.73 per 28g


Centennial Hops - 28g

Centennial hops are sometimes referred to as a super Cascade for its similar citric characteristic. A great dual-purpose hop that can be used for bittering, aroma and dry-hopping. Centennial is a versatile hop with its bitterness and forward aroma. These are two characteristics that balance each other very well. Whether you love super-hoppy IPAs or the lower intensity of an American-style ale, the Centennial hop is a great way to add some exciting flavour and incredible aroma to your next home-brewed beer!

Typical brewing styles: Extra Special Bitter, Barley Wine, Imperial Stout, India Pale Ale, Pale Ale


Earthy and floral with an element of citrus

Purpose: aroma and bittering
Alpha Acid:  9.5% - 11.5%
Beta Acid: 3.5% - 4.5%
Origin: US
Possible substitutions: Chinook, Galena, Nugget, Zeus, Columbus, Cascade

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