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Kiln Coffee Malt - Franco-Belge

Kiln Coffee Malt - Franco-Belge

per 454g (Sold in bulk)
Note: We are no longer offering Kiln Coffee malt by weight. You can substitute with the Extra Special Malt by Briess.  If you want Kiln Coffee Malt you can purchase a bulk sac of 25kg (special order).


Kiln Coffee Malt - Franco-Belge

Kiln Coffee Malt imparts a pleasant coffee flavour. Adds a deep mahogany colour and coffee flavour to dark ales. Use in stouts, porters, brown ales, and Scottish ales.

Flavours and characteristics

Coffee flavours, Deep mahogany colour


Up to 10%


°L: 150 - 180

Beer styles

Stouts, Porters, Brown ales, Scottish ales

Possible substitutes

Extra Special Malt - Briess


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