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Köbes - Kölsch - All Grain Kit

Köbes - Kölsch - All Grain Kit



Köbes - Kölsch - All Grain Kit

5e Baron brewery has open its doors in April 2020. Yes, even though we were in the beginnings of the COVID-19 pandemic they boldly open their doors to the public. They are having huge success even with the hard times of this pandemic.

We are now November 2021 and 5e baron is still going strong and they can't keep up with the demand.  For this reason, they have given you the opportunity to brew yet another of their wonderful beer.

They have shared their German style kölsch with us.  This beer has cereal on the nose along with subtle fruity yeast esters from the strain used in this traditional style which originated in Cologne, Germany. The body is thin with a lively carbonation. On the palate, the malts are more assertive bringing notes of freshly baked bread followed by fruitier notes thanks to the yeast and European hops. The finish is dry with a pleasant yet persistent bitterness.

Give this brew a try.

Kit Includes

  • Grains
  • Hops
  • Instructions suitable for all skill levels

Your Choice of Yeast (Not Included)

Master brewer’s choice:

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  • OG - 1.045
  • FG - 1.007
  • IBU - 50
  • SRM - 3.9
  • ABV - 5%
  • 5 gallon batch

Not Included But Required

  • Mash tun