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Paradise Seed - 5g

Paradise Seed - 5g



Paradise Seed 5g

Paradise seeds offer a unique twist when added to beer. While not a traditional ingredient in brewing, they can bring several flavours to the beverage:

  1. Nutty: Paradise seeds have a mild, nutty flavour profile, which can add depth and complexity to the beer. This flavour note can complement various beer styles, especially those with malty or caramel-like characteristics.
  2. Earthy: The seeds can impart an earthy undertone to the beer, reminiscent of grains or seeds. This earthiness can add a rustic quality to the brew, enhancing its overall flavour profile.
  3. Textural: When hydrated, paradise seeds develop a gel-like coating, which can contribute to the mouthfeel of the beer. This texture adds a unique element to the drinking experience, potentially enhancing the perceived quality of the brew.
  4. Aromatic: While subtle, paradise seeds can release a delicate aroma when added to beer. This fragrance may be slightly herbal or grassy, depending on the variety of seeds used and the brewing process.

Overall, paradise seeds can offer a distinctive flavour profile and textural experience when incorporated into beer, appealing to adventurous brewers and consumers alike.

Recommended dosage

Use sparingly, about 1g for a 19 - 23 litre batch. Crush lightly before using. For companion ingredients try 7 - 14g of sweet orange peel.