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Best Beer Types to Start Brewing for Summer

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On average, you'll need about two weeks from the start of brewing your beer to the time it's ready to drink (although some recipes could take longer). That means that now is the time to start brewing your summer beers! Getting your summer homebrews going now ensures they have enough time to soak up all those great flavors, ferment to perfection, then get bottled and ready to go for all your summer festivities. Have you decided what beers you’ll be drinking and sharing with family and friends this summer?

It's no small decision! Summer is the perfect season for enjoying beer. Sure, beer is great any day of the year, but there is something special about drinking an ice cold beer in the hot summer sun, so you need to make sure it's a great beer. Summer beers are usually light-bodied and have some kind of citrus, fruity, or flowery flavor profile, but there is no right or wrong beer to drink no matter the season. If you love dark brews, pop open a bottle of it during the summer and enjoy!

If you are looking for some ideas of great beers to start brewing for summer, here are some of our suggestions. You'll be able to pick up all of the necessary beer brewing ingredients in our online store.

Is Saison the Summer Beer?

Saison is the French word for season. The Saison family of beers gets the name because they were traditionally made in the winter months by farmers who didn’t have as much to do during the colder months when their fields were empty. The beers they made were then opened and enjoyed during the long, hard-working days of the summer, when the farm was buzzing with active workers. Many seasonal workers were paid partially in a measure of Saison beer from the farmer’s stock. It helped cool them off after a long, hot day in the fields and in a lot of places was safer to drink that the water.

Because every farming family made their own saison, there were a lot of different flavor profiles in the beer family. Most Saisons (both then and now) are fruity and spicy with a high carbonation level, making them extra refreshing for the summer months. Saison popularity soars in the summer, both in home brewing and in the local breweries, proving that it’s sometimes tradition is a wonderful thing. You should definitely consider putting a summery saison into your beer rotation.

Other Great Beer Types to Enjoy in the Summer Sun

Saisons aren’t the only great summer brews, though! There are a number of other beer types that are perfect for all your summer get togethers. Here are some of our favorites that you can try this season.


This is a Belgian white ale that is pale and cloudy thanks to the wheat and yeast involved in the process. What makes it Belgian? It’s the traditional use of coriander and orange peel. Both of these flavors give the drink a summery taste. The light beer is heavily carbonated making it the perfect refresher for cooling off after a long, hot day working out in the yard.

Berliner Weisse

Sour beers are a popular choice in the summer, and a Berliner Weisse is at the top of the list. Coming to us originally from Northern Germany, this cloudy white beer has a golden color that looks as good as it tastes. The low alcohol content is nice for summer, too, because you can enjoy more of its great taste without worrying about going overboard.


Delicious wheat beer at it’s finest. Combine your wheat with a little yeast and some hoppy bitterness to get this popular home-brew delight. Hefeweizen has an interesting flavor profile with notes of bananas and cloves and a moderate alcohol content. Make sure you have plenty of the popular brew on hand for all your summer BBQs, because it’s sure to be a big hit with all your friends.


Another German beer makes the summertime list! This is a pale yellow taste of heaven. Kolsch beers are traditionally brewed in Cologne, Germany, and technically can only carry the name if they are brewed within 50km around the city of Cologne. The right beer brewing ingredients can help you mimic the flavor at home, though. Fermented in warm temperatures and lagered in cold ones, you’ll end up with a light, crisp and slightly sweet beer that’s perfect for hot days.

Considerations for Summer Brewing

A lot of homebrewers believe that if you start thinking about your summer brews when the temperatures are already getting warm, it’s too late to start. Fear not! While some home brewers worry about brewing in the summer, there are plenty of ways you can ensure you get a successful batch even when it’s boiling outside. It’s true that temperatures that climb too high can ruin your batch of beer, but there are a number of things you can do to keep your brew safe.

Your primary concern is going to be keeping your carboy cool. Most people don’t have enough room in their home’s refrigerator to stick a carboy inside without sacrificing food for the rest of the family (and they might not appreciate the importance of home brewing, so it’s best just not to try this idea in the first place). If you have the money to invest in a fridge or ice chest for your garage, this can be ideal. If you can’t do that, wrap the carboy in a cold, damp towel and keep it wet during the fermentation process. And if that doesn’t work, bring the carboy inside and set it as close to the cold air from the air conditioner as possible. All of these steps should help you keep the carboy cool enough to keep the fermentation process going and prevent your delicious summery beer flavor from being ruined.

Get Everything You Need to Brew Summer Beer at Home

Are you inspired to get started on your summer brews? We have everything you need to get started. You’ll find lots of great beer brewing ingredients in our online store, including kits that are packed with everything you need to get started. Or pick up the ingredients of your choice and invent a new brew that’s all you and perfect for summer. Whatever you decide to brew, you can count on Beer Grains Supply Co. to have what you need. We offer same day shipping, hassle-free returns, and plenty of premium ingredients that you’ll love to use to perfect your signature summer beer. Place an order with us today!

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