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We Love Our Customers

Posted by Jason on

In recognition of Valentines Day next week we wanted to share our love for our customers. Yes, we're huggers and proud of it!

Beer Grains Supply Co lives and breaths on the happiness of our customers. It's true that we're human and at times things don't always go as planned, but we're very proud that most of the time the experience is great and our customers seem to love us back. We're very honoured and humbled by that.

To pay homage to our customers around the world we thought it would be fun to plot the cities where you live and brew beer at home in your own corner of the globe.

You are all important to us but here are the top 10 Homebrew Cities according to our records.

  1. Ottawa, Ontario
  2. Montreal, Quebec
  3. Gatineau, Quebec
  4. Toronto, Ontario
  5. Calgary, Alberta
  6. Edmonton, Alberta
  7. London, Ontario
  8. Nepean, Ontario
  9. Kanata, Ontario
  10. Kingston, Ontario

Honourable mention to Pembroke, Deep River, and Petawawa Ontario.

Thank you and we love you!

(Click on the image to go to an interactive map)

Homebrew Supplies Canada Map

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