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Great Mix-Ins With Your Favorite Beer Brewing Ingredients

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Take a walk on the curious side of life the next time you buy your home beer brewing ingredients in Canada and venture into some fun, tasty add-ins that will take your beer profile from good to great.

Mix In During Brewing

When you’re ready to take a walk on the wild side, add in these miscellaneous items to your standard beer brewing ingredients. Enjoy the unique flavour profiles created by breaking out of the box, and let us know which are your favourite combinations. Remember, these additional ingredients are the secondary flavours to your pre-existing brew. Remember that you are first brewing beer and then adding an additional flavour profile.


If you like things hot, hot, hot, then you should try a variety of these hot chili peppers in your next brew. A chili beer is one that can give you a kick in the pants and set your tastebuds on fire or present a subtle hint of something that’s different, depending on which chiles you use and how much you add. We’ve tried everything from jalapñeos to habañeros. Use large peppers in the boil or in the fermenter to add a spice. Green peppers are less intense and provide a bit of sweetness, while the red peppers may make your beer so hot you won’t want to share it with the neighbors.

Herbs and Spices

Experiment with your brew many different times throughout the year with seasonal herbs and spices. You can choose one herb or spice to feature in the brew, or you can blend and marry a collection of similar flavours to bring something unique to the table. Some go-to ale favorites are clove, nutmeg, and ginger. Other delicious additions can be mint, lavender, cinnamon, saffron, orange peel, and more. In general, the spice flavor profile is best when dry spices are added in the secondary and boiled for just a short time (five to 10 minutes) or when turned into a spiced tea and mixed in during the boil.

Add In After Brewing

Sometimes, you may want to take an extra risk, but not at the cost of ruining an entire batch. Other times, you may want to play with the same beer profile and different additional ingredients. In both of these occasions, we recommend brewing your favourite brew as you normally would and then adding in these fun ingredients to mix up the flavours when you’re ready to drink.


The possibilities are endless when it comes to mixing beer and juice. Think shandies that mix in lemonade, grapefruit, or orange juice. Think Micheladas with a douse of tomato juice and some hot sauce. Think sangria with beer as the base. For the record, we think you can count this drink concoction as your fruit serving for the day.

More Booze

There’s no secret that sometimes we drink beer for a good buzz. Take it up a notch by mixing in some of your other booze favorites. Like margaritas? Try a beer-garita and go 50/50 with a beer and margarita for a refreshing cocktail. In general, lighter beer profiles mix better with margaritas. If you’re in the mood for a darker brew, mix in more powerful flavours such as cinnamon schnapps, coconut rum, or ginger whiskey.

Get started with a base kit today, and have some fun with your typical beer brewing ingredients!

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