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Brewing Beer with Coffee: Tips & Tricks

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As the weather cools off and you reach for your winter supplies, porters and stouts take on a whole new appeal. This time of year also brings about an increase in coffee consumption as the frigid air makes this hot cup of joe seem extra appealing, but what if you could have both, at the same time? Welcome to the wonderful world of pairing beer with coffee. If you are looking for the perfect home beer brewing ingredients in Canada to add to your home brewed coffee beer, check our online store. Read on for more tips and tricks about brewing beer with coffee.

It Starts with the Coffee

We have all taken a sip of coffee, quickly set it back down, and realized the tasty, rich cup of deliciousness is not what we have in our hands. Overly bitter, overly acidic, or just plain burnt tasting coffee is bad enough on its own, but pair it with your beer, and you are on the path to an undrinkable beverage.

Take the time to carefully select the right coffee bean for your beer. If you are pairing it with a stout you have brewed before, think about the flavors it will be coexisting with in this new creation. Shy away from budget priced coffee beans, and opt for a locally roasted, fresh coffee. Choose complex flavors and the perfect balance of bitterness and acidity.

Cold Brewing Your Coffee

Depending on when you want to add your coffee to your beer brewing process (and there are a variety of times you may), you can begin with cold brewing your coffee. Cold brewing your coffee is the best route to go for adding it to a home brewed beer because cold brewed coffee has lower acidity and less burnt notes than hot brewed coffee. Cold brewing coffee is quite simple. You can use a french press, add your grounds, add cold water, and simply let it sit for at least 24 hours in your fridge. The stronger notes of coffee you want, the stronger you should cold brew the coffee. Keep in mind you want a concentrated product so as to not water down your beer.

Coffee Pairs with What?

Once you have decided to cold brew up a batch of delicious coffee, what home brewed beer should you implement it into? That question simply is up to your own personal taste. These days, people are pairing coffee with more than just porters and stouts. In fact, coffee is being found in hoppy pale ales, Belgian styles, and more! The sky is really the limit, and since you are the one brewing your own beer you know the notes of each of your beers best. Choose wisely, but don't’ be afraid to experiment.

When in the Process?

So when is it best to add your cold brewed coffee to your delicious home brewed beer? The process is pretty much up to you. Some brewers implement the coffee during the boil and some right before packaging. Others even steep coffee with the grains at the start. The timing is best decided by how much coffee flavor you want in your beer. The earlier you add the coffee to the process, the more subtle the flavor and the later addition will lead to stronger coffee notes.

Ready to get started? Check out our Canada home beer brewing ingredients in our online store. Let the fun of beer and coffee pairing begin.

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