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Blanche du Prospecteur - All-Grain Kit

Blanche du Prospecteur - All-Grain Kit



Blanche du Prospecteur - All-Grain Kit

A refreshing Belgian Witbier that is sure to satisfy all beer lovers. This collaboration kit is brought to you by Le Prospecteur in Val-D'Or, Québec.

This brewery opened its doors in May 2014 in Val-D'or in the Abitibi region by two guys who had a passion for craft beer. Tired of working in the mines in Abitibi, they boldly launched a new brewery - Le Propecteur (The Prospector) This brewery has created many different beers in many different styles. They are well known for the Tête de Pioche (Pickaxe Head) series. In 2019 they were at version #161.

In the north, people there are used to drinking beer. Le Prospecteur only bottles their beer in 950ml growlers, no small formats here... Be a man and drink one.

Kit Includes

  • Grains
  • Hops
  • Instructions suitable for all skill levels (English or French)

Your Choice of Yeast (Not Included)

Master Brewer's recommendation:

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  • OG - 1.045
  • FG - 1.008
  • IBU - 11
  • SRM - 4
  • ABV - 5.0%
  • 5 gallon batch

Not Included But Required

  • Mash tun