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Heavy Peated Malt - Bairds

Heavy Peated Malt - Bairds

per 454g (Sold in bulk)
Note: We are no longer offering Heavy Peated malt by weight. You can substitute with the Cherry Wood Smoked Malt by Briess.  If you want Heavy Peated Malt you can purchase a bulk sac of 25kg (special order).


Heavy Peated Malt - Bairds

This is the most intense smoky character of Bairds peated malts. Bairds heavily peated malt is used to create some of the most smoke rich whiskies in the world. At the end of the germination process, the malt is then partially kilned and then the peat smoke is introduce for 65-70 hours. This is the point at which the peated malt really takes on a unique character and what sets Bairds apart from others trying to match the traditional process that was perfected over decades. This malt will impart peated character to the final distilled spirit at phenol levels of 25 - 50ppm.

Flavours and characteristics

Intense smoky character


ºL: 1.7 - 2.0


Up to 100%


35 - 45ppm

Beer Styles

Whiskey, Smoked beer, Rauchbier


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